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This is the website for the Spring 2013 Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing (MUC) course at Georgia Tech. This course is cross-listed for Computer Science grad students as CS 7470 and undergrads as CS 4605, and for Industrial Design grad students as ID 8900 and undergrads as ID 4823. Lectures are held 9:35AM - 10:55AM Tuesday and Thursday in Klaus 2443. Some supplementary lessons on prototyping equipment will be held in the Prototyping Lab in the basement of the Tech Square Research Building (TSRB).




Dr. Thad Starner (thad AT

Office: Tech Square Research Building, Second Floor, Room 239
Office Hours: Tue 4:30pm to 6:00pm in College of Computing 337 and by email appointment


Clint Zeagler (clintzeagler AT

Office Hours: by email appointment




Ceara (ceara.byrne AT

Celeste Mason


Office: Tech Square Research Building, Third Floor, Room 342 Student Area
Office Hours: by email appointment




Krumm, J. (2009). Ubiquitous Computing (1st ed.). Chapman & Hall/CRC.




Everyone in the class will be expected to read the required readings. All the readings and when they are due will be posted on the Calendar


Students are also required to sign up for at least two additional readings, lead a class discussion on them, and submit a brief written summary of the reading. The additional readings and their due dates will be posted on the Calendar. You can sign up for the additional readings on the Additional Readings Sign-Up page. You can submit your written summaries on T-Square. They are due before class on the day they are listed on the calendar. There is a separate T-Square assignment for Additional Reading #1 and Additional Reading #2. Please do not wait until the end of the semester to do your additional readings. We would like to limit each additional reading to four people on the sign-up page.


To get credit for an additional reading, you must: 1) turn in a written summary on T-Square; and 2) come to class on the appropriate day and lead a discussion about the reading. The readings and discussion are essential to your Class Participation grade. Please be prepared to discuss the required readings and any additional readings you sign up for on the day they are listed on the Calendar.




Dates, readings, additional readings and assignments are all posted on the Calendar . Please visit this page often as it will be updated regularly.




There will be two group projects during the semester. The second project can be a continuation of the first, or a completely new project. We expect projects to be original research. You can build on previous ideas, but it is not appropriate to replicate previous work.


You are responsible for forming teams composed of four students. There can be at most one Industrial Design student on each team. 


We will have guests presenting project ideas on Tue 1/14 and Thu 1/16 in class. You can read about some projects from previous years below. You are also welcome to come up with your own project idea, provided you can form a team around it.


Project 1

You can form your teams and present your own project ideas on the editable page, Team Formation and Project Ideas.

(I will grant permission to students to edit this after the drop deadline, and I'll send out a T-Square announcement when I do this.)


You need to form your teams by Tuesday Jan 21. (There will be limited time in class to finalize the teams on this day.)

The Project 1 written proposal is due a week after that, on Jan 28. See the Calendar.


Projects from Previous Years




Project Proposal Guidelines

Please include the following in your Project Proposal. Bring two paper copies to class, and one member of the group must also submit electronically on T-Square. Please include all sections outlined below again, even if you are continuing the project. Your motivation and related work references, for example, may have evolved as a result of what you learned while doing Project 1.

(The proposal for Project 1 should be 1-2 pages. The proposal for project 2 can be longer if necessary.)


Project 1 Deliverables






Industrial Design students may refer to the ID syllabus and check with Clint Zeagler for specific requirements.


Project 2 Deliverables


The paper and video is due before class on Tuesday April 23, regardless of which day you present your demo in class.


In-Class Demo

Bring a demo of your project to class to present to the instructors and other students. Plan on a 5 minute presentation. If you cannot physically bring your project to class, bring enough material so that you can show us what you did. You may optionally bring slides or a poster to use in your demo. Don't just show us your required video; you must be able to talk and explain your project. (You can use a short video clip as part of your presentation, especially if you cannot physically bring your project to class. But do not just play your full video.)


Please edit the Project 2 Demo Sign-Up page and add your team for Tuesday or Thursday. You should come to class on both days. 


Everyone in your team needs to be present for your demo and participate in the presentation.





Do not upload your video to this wiki.



You may optionally include slides with your demonstration. Mostly we want to see a live demo of your project and hear you speak about the work you did and what you learned. If slides will help you explain your work, please feel free to use them.


If you choose to use slides, you can either:

1) Bring them on a USB stick; or

2) Upload them to the wiki. Go to "Pages and Files" on the wiki and open the "Project 2" Folder. Upload your slides. Place a link to your slides by editing the Project 2 Demo Sign-Up page and choose "Add Link" from the editing menu.



Industrial Design students may refer to the ID syllabus and check with Clint Zeagler for specific requirements. Teams traveling to NASA are required to include a poster. Here is a poster template you are welcome to use.


Otherwise, a poster is optional for your in-class demo. You are welcome to make one if it will help your demo presentation, especially if you cannot physically bring your project to class.


Evaluate other projects

You will be required to evaluate other class projects on April 23 and 25. This means come to class.


NASA Teams

NASA teams should present on Thursday April 25. NASA teams are required to produce a poster.




Computer Science Sections




Industrial Design

ID 4823: Undergraduate Section



ID 8900: Graduate Section




Prototyping Lab

You must attend an orientation session before you can get buzzcard access to the lab and use the equipment.

See orientation and training sessions on the lab calendar:

More information: