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Project 2 sign-up page

Page history last edited by Susmita Gorai 11 years, 3 months ago

Existing teams that are continuing to Project 2 - Put your team name and members here:


Title: Tracking Everyday Physiological Signals in Families with Children in the Autism Spectrum Disorder

Team Members:

1. Bidwell, Jonathan      bidwej@gatech.edu

2. Riobo, Ivan              ivan.riobo@gatech.edu

3. Zhang, Cheng          chengzhang@gatech.edu


** We're looking for 1 additional team-member with an interest in design, EE or CS.


Project #1 focused on requirements gathering and building a software tool for presenting parents with integrated video and sensor data. 

Now we're at the fun part --- we would welcome your help in

1) designing an intuitive user-interface for reflecting on behavior trends (if you're a designer) --- we're excited to iterate wireframes with parents.** 

2) building a wearable data logger and annotation tool (if you're an EE) --- we've ordered initial parts. "built a medical device" may look nice on the old resume

3) detecting common video recording problems for parents (if you're CS) --- for example, informing parents to re-position a camera if images are overexposed


What excites me about this project is that 

1) we'll be making an impact - your work has the chance to make life better for real-world families!

2) we'll be exploring new territory - we're among the first to explore interpreting synchronized video & sensor sensor data in the home and

3) we'll leverage multiple perspectives - Ivan has a background in business, Cheng HCI and myself (Jon) Computer & Systems Engineering.





** designer role continued. - The simplicity of the UI design is one of the most important aspects of the project. If you join the team know that we get it; we're committed to design as process as opposed to an afterthought. I've seen this before on engineering teams so I thought I'd make the distinction. We'll be right there with you.



I have included our project abstract and background below for reference.


Sponsor: Siemens Foundation

Mentor Orgs: NSF Expeditions



Family members face everyday challenges and stresses that can easily go unnoticed and have a different impact on each person’s happiness and physical and mental health. Here we propose building a wearable sensor and tablet based video recording system for helping family’s better monitor, manage and co-regulate their emotional states. If family members can better anticipate one another’s emotional levels then they may be able to better empathize and support one another for leading happier healthier lives. 



Electro dermal Activity (EDA) bracelet worn sensors have long been used for measuring changes in people’s non-verbal emotional states such as laughing; however the signal is less useful for measuring the type of behavior -- happiness looks like embarrassment etc. Here we seek to supplement this feedback with synchronized video recording on a tablet to help differentiate these emotional states.


If successful we will be able to provide families with comfortable, wearable sensors to help family members better understand and adapt to each other’s emotional states for improving the quality of interactions during everyday activities --- reading a book to a child before bed, helping children with homework and watching TV on the couch. 



- wearable sensor for measuring emotional arousal levels ie: eletro dermal activity (EDA)

- tablet based video recording & playback application for reviewing EDA feedback in the context of everyday activities 




Title: Wearable Controls for a Rover

Team Members:

1. John Bieniek jbieniek3@gatech.edu

2. Aditya Desai: adesai33@gatech.edu

3. (ID): Simon Turgeon sturgeon3@gatech.edu

4. Ryan O'Shaughnessy ryan.oshag@gatech.edu




Title: Buzz In Buzz Out

Team Members:

1. David Leber (dleber3@gatech.edu)

2. Jinhyun Kim (jkim608@gatech.edu)

3. Sehoon Shon (sehoon@gatech.edu)

4. Yohanes Suliantoro (ysuliantoro3@gatech.edu)



Title: Mobile Music Touch: Active Piano Practice

Team Members:

1. Xinyan Yan (voidpointer@gatech.edu)

2. Nikhil Rabindra (nikhil.rabindra@gatech.edu)



Title: Dog to Human Interactions FIDO : Facilitating Interactions for Dogs with Occupations.


Team Members:

1. Sarah Eiring (ID): sjeiring@gatech.edu

2. Alex Martin: amartin37@gatech.edu

3. Yash Kshirsagar: yash.ksagar@gatech.edu

4. Adil Delawalla: adelawalla@gatech.edu


Title:  MOBI: Modular On-Body Interactions (NASA IVA)


Team Members:

1. Abhishek Nandakumar abhishekn@gatech.edu

2. "Chloe" Hongyu Xie hxie34@gatech.edu

3. (ID): Yoni Kaplan (yoni.kaplan@gatech.edu)

4. Mason Foster mason.foster@gatech.edu


Title: Air Quality Monitoring on a Neighborhood Level

Team Members:

1. Amrutha Krishnan [amruthakrishnan.com]

2. Sagar Savla [sagz.in]

3. Subrai Pai [subraipai.com]

4. Vipul Thakur [ivipul.com]



Title: Order Picking

Sponsor: Prof. Thad Starner

Abstract: About 750,000 warehouses worldwide distribute approximately $1 trillion in goods per year.  About 60% of the total operational costs of these warehouses is order picking.  Most are still picked by hand, often using paper pick lists.  In his December 2012 dissertation, Dr. Hannes Baumann showed that using a wearable with HUD could improve the speed of order picking 40% and virtually eliminate errors.   Using the experimental design from our CHI2010 paper, directly compare the picking guidance systems:  pick-by-HUD, pick-by-light, pick-by-tablet, and pick by paper pick list.  The first part of the project will be making the picking systems themselves, based on the previous work.  The second part will be running a 16 participant within-subject user test.  The goal is a new CHI paper.




1) implement pick-by-light using microcontrollers  

2) implement Kinect sensing of picks

3) implement pick-by-HUD  

4) re-create user study


Team Members:

1. Anhong Guo (guoanhong@gatech.edu)

2. Xuwen Xie (xuwen.xie@gatech.edu)

3. Xiaohui Luo (luoxiaohui@gatech.edu)

4. Shashank Raghu (sraghu@gatech.edu)

5. Saad Ismail - sismail3@gatech.edu

6. Joseph Simoneau - simoneau@gatech.edu



KNEE Wearable Knee Exercise Evaluator


Team Members:

1. Joe Gonzales

2. David Muñoz

3. Andy Pruett (andy.pruett@gatech.edu)

4. Graceline Williams




NFC Authorized Outlet


Team Members:

1. Ryan Fahsel

2. Colin Gray

3. Ramya Ramakrishnan







Team Members:

1. Parisa Khanipour Roshan

2. Nate Osborne

3. Sruthi Padala

4. Andrew Darrohn






Team Members:

1. Vikram Somu (vs19@gatech.edu)

2. Nathan Bayudan (nbayudan3@gatech.edu)

3. Rae Luetschwager (ID) (rluetschwager3@gatech.edu)

4. Thurston Sandberg (tsandberg3@gatech.edu)

FIDO2 (Dog to Human)


Team Members:

1. Ryan Hollis: rhollis7@gatech.edu

2. Vincent Martin: vincent.martin@gatech.edu

3. Wendy Blount: wendyblount@yahoo.com

4. Giancarlo Valentin: giancarlo@gatech.edu



ARubi: Programming Ubiquitous Computing Environments Through the Lens of Augmented Reality


Team Members:

1. Gabriel Reyes (greyes@gatech.edu)

2. Aman Parnami (aparnami3@gatech.edu)

3. Haozhe 'Stan' Li (haozhe@gatech.edu)


Conductive Ink 


Video Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pgfzkc6j70p6wdj/Conductive_Ink_Toolkit.m4v


Team Members:

1. (ID) Ceara Byrne: ceara.byrne@gatech.edu

2. (HCI) William Stuart Michelson: stuart.michelson@gtri.gatech.edu

3. (HCI) Chia-Chi Lee: clee45@gatech.edu

4. (CS) Nisha Lad: nisha.lad@gatech.edu


Team MUChachos


  1. Atom Raiff (atom.raiff@gatech.edu)
  2. Jesse Rosalia (jesse.rosalia@gatech.edu)
  3. Leah Denham (ldenham828@gmail.com)
  4. Taylor Wrobel (taylor.wrobel@gmail.com) 


Garments for Body Position Monitoring and Gesture Recognition


Team Members:

1. Cameron Hord cameron.hord@gatech.edu

2. Norma Easter neaster3@gatech.edu

3. (ID): Mauricio Uruena, juruena6@gatech.edu

4. Sahithya Baskaran, sahithya@gatech.edu

5. (ID): Keen, Emily emily.ann.keen@gatech.edu




LED Dive Mask Interface 


Team Members:

1. Celeste Mason     celeste.m@gatech.edu

2. Miles Gantt          mgantt7@gatech.edu

3. Ali Halim              ahalim7@gatech.edu

4. Scott Franks         sfranks3@gatech.edu


Evaluation of Touchscreen Typing


Team Members:

1. Sundararajan Sarangan      sundar@gatech.edu

2. Amritha Arakali                  amritha.arakali@gatech.edu

3. Sneha Bharath                   sbharath3@gatech.edu

4. Abhinav Narain                  nabhinav3@gatech.edu             


Digikits: SoundScapes

Context aware sound systems


Team Members:

1.  Perron Jones (pjones35@gatech.edu)

2. JP Hamilton (ID): jphamilton@gatech.edu

3. Lamine Sissoko (lsissoko3@gatech.edu)

4. Sanat Rath, sanat@gatech.edu


Velcro Touch (NASA-IVA)


Team Members:

1. Eric K Chiu (ID) echiu3@gatech.edu 

2. Hunter Clarke: hclarke3@gatech.edu 

3. Xiao "Nikita" Xiong: xxiong6@gatech.edu

4. Balasubramanyam "Bala" Ganapathi (balasubramanyam@gatech.edu)


Title: Dog Activity Recognition : FIDO Facilitating Interactions for Dogs with Occupations.


Team Members:

1. Joseph Halton: jhalton3@gatech.edu

2. "Brian" Tan Sun: briansun@gatech.edu

3. Saagar Patel: sp00252@gatech.edu

4. Minsik Bang: mbang3@gatech.edu 



Glance - The intelligent home wellness dashboard


Team Members:

1. Gupta, Mudit        muditg@gatech.edu

2. Noronha, Nitya     nitya.noronha@gatech.edu

3. Smith, Philip          psmith44@gatech.edu

4. Hallam, James(ID)  jhallam@gatech.edu


Sonification of Human Movement: Discus


Team Members:

1. Flood, Brandon        b.flood@gatech.edu

2. Koutrelakos, Gregory gkoutre@gatech.edu

3. Thackston, Robert     rthackston3@gatech.edu

4. Hennessy, Erin          echennessy@gatech.edu


Title: UbiDroid

Video: http://youtu.be/T_geZG9sOWs

Team Members:

1. Ambadekar, Samrat     samrat.ambadekar@gatech.edu

2. Bhardwaj, Ketan       kbhardwaj6@gatech.edu 

3. Nguyen, Tuan Anh      tuananh.nguyen@gatech.edu

4. Gorai, Susmita sgorai3@gatech.edu



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