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Additional Readings Sign-Up

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You are required to sign up for at least two additional readings during the semester. Please do not wait until the end of the class to do this. The additional readings are part of your class participation grade. The additional readings will be posted on the Calendar, on the day that they are due. 



  • Sign up for at least two additional readings during the semester.
  • Write a summary of the paper you read (due at the beginning of class) and upload it to T-Square under Assignments.
  • Lead a discussion in class about the paper on the day it is due.


Sign up for additional readings: 





4/18/13 (What's Next, Ubicomp?)

Moving on from Weiser’s Vision of Calm Computing 

1. Ryan Hollis

2. Ivan Riobo

3. Lamine Sissoko

4. John Bieniek

5. Greg Koutrelakos  

Bill Buxton brown bag talk (video)

1. Atom Raiff

2. Ivan Riobo

3. Lamine Sissoko

4. Nikhil Rabindra

5. Leah Denham

6. Saagar Patel 

Yesterday's Tomorrows (only for people who did not previously sign up for this paper)

1. Greg Koutrelakos








Previous Additional Readings (Completed)


Tue 1/29/13 (Sensors)

Physical Principles of Sensing

1. Vincent Martin

2. Giancarlo Valentin


Tue 1/22/13 (Textiles)


1. Sarah Eiring

2. Ceara Byrne

Textile Interfaces

1. Yash Kshirsagar

2. Atom Raiff


Tue 2/5/13 (Location I)

Location Systems for Ubiquitous Computing 

1. Yash Kshirsagar

2. Samrat Ambadekar

3. Yohanes Suliantoro

4. Sanat Rath

Location systems: An introduction to the technology behind location awareness

(Read Chapter 1, plus pick one of Chapters 2 through 9 and note the chapter next to your name below.)

1. Jinhyun Kim (Ch. 2)

2. Saad Ismail (Ch. 8)

3. Gabriel Reyes (Ch. 6)

4. Ketan Bhardwaj (Ch. 4)


Thu 2/7/13 (Location II)

When Recommendation Meets Mobile: Contextual and Personalized Recommendation On The Go

1. Anhong Guo

2. Xiaohui Luo

3. Haozhe (Stan) Li 

4. Se Hoon Shon

The Domestic Panopticon: Location Tracking in Families

1. Nate Osborne

2. Susmita Gorai

3. Xinyan Yan

4. Sahithya Baskaran

Exploring End User Preferences for Location Obfuscation, Location-Based Services, and the Value of Location

1. Anhong Guo

2. Haozhe (Stan) Li

3. David Muñoz

4. Aditya Desai

Bridging the Gap Between Physical Location and Online Social Networks

1. Sruthi Padala

2. Ketan Bhardwaj

3. Amritha Arakali

4. Abhishek Nandakumar 

Route Classification Using Cellular Handoff Patterns

1. Xiaohui Luo

2. Amrutha Krishnan

3. Vipul Thakur

4. Subrai Pai


Tue 2/19/13 (Context II)

The Calendar as a Sensor: Analysis and Improvement Using Data Fusion with Social Networks and Location

1. Andrew Darrohn

2. John Bieniek

3. Chloe Hongyu Xie

Toolkit to Support Intelligibility in Context-Aware Computing Applications

1. Gabriel Reyes

2. Samrat Ambadekar

3. Aman Parnami

4. Andy Pruett 

Identifying the Activities Supported by Locations with Community-Authored Content

1. Nate Osborne

2. Joe Gonzales

3. Colin Gray

4. Ryan Fahsel 

Passive and In-situ Assessment of Mental and Physical Well-being  using Mobile Sensors

1. Nitya Noronha

2. Emily Keen 

3. Joe Gonzales

From Awareness to Connectedness: The Design and Deployment of Presence Displays

1. Simon Turgeon

2. Sundararajan Sarangan

3. David Muñoz

4. Graceline "Racel" Williams 

PreHeat: Controlling Home Heating Using Occupancy Prediction

1. Sarah Eiring

2. Alexander Martin

3. Adil Delawalla

4. Sneha Bharath


Thu 2/21 (Capture and Access)

Ubiquitous Computing for Capture and Access

Chapters 3 and 6

1. Celeste Mason

2. Eric K Chiu

Chapters 4 and 6

1.  "Brian" Tan Sun

Chapters 5 and 6

1. Ryan O'Shaughnessy

2. Cameron Hord

3. Sagar Savla 


Thu 2/28 (Privacy I)

Living in a Glass House: A Survey of Private Moments in the Home

1. Balasubramanyam Ganapathi

2. Nisha Lad

3. Miles Gantt

4.Cheng Zhang

Privately Querying Location-based Services with SybilQuery

1. Andy Pruett

From Spaces to Places: Emerging Contexts in Mobile Privacy 

1. Shashank Raghu

2. Chia-Chi Lee

3. Xinyan Yan

4. Joseph Simoneau

Whoʼs Your Best Friend? Targeted Privacy Attacks In Location-sharing Social Networks 

1. Sagar Savla

2. Chloe Hongyu Xie

3. Minsik Bang 

A Framework for Comparing Perspectives on Privacy and Pervasive Technologies

1. Wendy Blount

2. Ryan O'Shaughnessy

3. Miles Gantt

4. William Stuart Michelson


Tue 3/5/13 (Privacy II)

For the second day on privacy, we are going to apply Langheinrich's"Privacy by Design" principles (from the chapter in the textbook)to analyze and contrast current ubicomp products and services. This applies to the three additional readings below.


Read both The Locust Swarm: An environmentally-powered, networkless location and messaging system and GPS. (Be prepared to contrast GPS to the Olivetti ActiveBadge system we'vealready discussed in class.)

1. Mason Foster

2. Saagar Patel

3. Joseph Halton

Chapter 4 of Life Patterns: structure from wearable sensors

1. Yohanes Suliantoro

2. Shashank Raghu

Encountering SenseCam:  Personal Recording Technologies in Everyday Life

Be prepared to contrast SenseCam with other devices, such as Memoto and current smart phones.

1. Mudit Gupta

2. Sahithya Baskaran

3. Perron Jones


Tue 3/12/13 (Field Studies II)

Activity sensing in the wild: a field trial of ubifit garden

1. Ceara Byrne

2. Mudit Gupta 

3. Xiao "Nikita" Xiong

Sensors and Surveys: Collecting Qualitative and Quantitative Data on Human Attitudes, Behaviors, and Activities via Mobile Phones

1. Nisha Lad

2. Susmita Gorai

3. John Bieniek

4. Aditya Desai 

From the war room to the living room: decision support for home-based therapy teams 

1. Mason Foster

Getting Closer: An Empirical Investigation of the Proximity of User to Their Smart Phones

1. Ali Halim

2. Thurston Sandberg

3. Ramya Ramakrishnan


Thu 3/14/13 (Ethnography)

Unremarkable Computing

1. Sundararajan Sarangan

2. Balasubramanyam Ganapathi

3. Jean Mauricio Uruena

4. Perron Jones 

Yesterday's Tomorrows 

1. Simon Turgeon

2. Vipul Thakur

3. James Hallam



Tue 3/26/13 (Power and Heat)

Human-powered wearable computing

1. Andrew Darrohn

2. Parisa Khanipour Roshan

3. Robert Thackston

4. Celeste Mason

5. Norma Easter

Heat dissipation in wearable computers aided by thermal coupling with the user

1. Parisa Khanipour Roshan

2. Hunter Clarke

3. Jean Mauricio Uruena

4. Philip Smith


Design for Wearability

1. Abhinav Narain

Effects of Functionality on Perceived Comfort of Wearables

1. Abhinav Narain



Thu 3/28/13 (RFID and NFC)

A Battery-Free Multi-Channel Digital Neural/EMG Telemetry System for Flying Insects

1. Nathan Bayudan

2. Saad Ismail

3. Jon Bidwell

4. Taylor Wrobel

5. David Leber


RFID-Guided Robots for Pervasive Automation

1. Ramya Ramakrishnan

2. Jinhyun Kim

3. Vikram Somu

4. Rae Luetschwager

5. Jon Bidwell


Tue 4/2/13 (Challenges of Wearables)

Development of a Commercially Successful Wearable Data Collection System

1. Subrai Pai

2. Celeste Mason

3. Erin Hennessy

4. Cameron Hord

5. Xiao "Nikita" Xiong 

Effects of Functionality on Perceived Comfort of Wearables

1. Sruthi Padala

2. Erin Hennessy

3. Amrutha Krishnan

4. Xuwen Xie

5. Taylor Wrobel

Design for Wearability

1. James Hallam

2. Xuwen Xie

3. Aman Parnami

4. Chia-Chi Lee

5. Minsik Bang 

Emotional Design

1. Abhishek Nandakumar

2. Sanat Rath

3. Amritha Arakali

4. Nate Osborne

5. Eric K Chiu

6. Adil Delawalla


Thu 4/4/13 (Input)

System Guidelines for Co-located, Collaborative Work on a Tabletop Display

1. David Leber

2. Samrat Ambadekar

ThinSight: Integrated Optical Multi-touch Sensing through Thin Form-factor Displays 

1. Hunter Clarke

2. Wendy Blount

3. Nathan Bayudan

4. Vikram Somu

5. Sehoon Shon 

Skinput: Paper and Video

1. Nikhil Rabindra

2. Emily Keen 

4. Robert Thackston

Touche: PaperVideo1, and Video2

1. Norma Easter

2. Jonathan (Yoni) Kaplan

Lucid Touch: Paper and Video

1. Philip Smith

2. Leah Denham

3. William Stuart Michelson


Tue 4/9/13 (Output)

Ambient Displays: Turning Architectural Space into an Interface between People and Digital Information

1. Rae Luetschwager

2. Ryan Fahsel

3. Colin Gray

4. Ryan Hollis

Bringing clay and sand into digital design — continuous tangible user interfaces

1. Jonathan (Yoni) Kaplan

BuzzWear: Alert Perception in Wearable Tactile Displays on the Wrist

1. Sneha Bharath

2. Ali Halim

Super Cilia Skin: A Textural Interface

1. Nitya Noronha


Thu 4/11/13 (Infrastructure-Mediated Sensing)

Recognizing Water-Based Activities in the Home Through Infrastructure-Mediated Sensing

1. Jesse Rosalia

2. "Brian" Tan Sun

Sensing from the Basement: A Feasibility Study of Unobtrusive and Low-Cost Home Activity Recognition

1. Alexander Martin

2. Thurston Sandberg


Tue 4/16/13 (Augmented Reality)

A Survey of Augmented Reality

2. Brandon Flood

Augmented Reality in the Psychomotor Phase of a Procedural Task

Human Pacman: A Mobile, Wide-Area Entertainment System based on Physical, Social, and Ubiquitious Computing

3. Cheng Zhang

4. Jesse Rosalia


DART: A Toolkit for Rapid Design Exploration of Augmented Reality Experiences

1. Brandon Flood

2. Joseph Simoneau

Pre-patterns for designing embodied interactions in handheld augmented reality games

1. Joseph Simoneau

2. Graceline (Racel) Williams



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