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Student Bio's

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While forming teams, it'll help to know who everyone is!


Erin Hennessy



M.S. student in HCI 

B.A: Anthropology, Psychology

Relevant coursework/projects: Wearable Product Design (Zeagler), Sewing, Sculpture, Intro to Python, Intro to HCI, Synlab's UTO project. I've done two small projects with Arduino and I want to focus on wearable electronics, so that's what I'm learning most about right now. 

Project Interests: Dog Vest, Sonification of Movement


Rae Luetschwager



B.A student in ID

Skills: Sketching, Rapid Prototyping, Model Making, High interest in HCI / programming / interactive product design, User Testing and User need finding.

Relevant coursework/projects: Interactive Products Lab, Intro to Python, CS TA for a year, arduino prototyping in studio.

Project Interests: PauseBuds, Buzz-In, Buzz-Out, digikits, errors in touchscreen typing


Vincent Martin


MS student in HCI - Psychology track

Other degrees: Textile Engineering Technology, Industrial Engineering Technology, Psychology (emphasis in Engineering Psych)

I am the first totally blind graduate student in the history of Georgia Tech. I am based in Dr. Bruce Walker's sonification lab in the school of Psychology.  My research interests are extremely varied, including design of mobile interfaces and wayfinding devices for the blind, but I am now primarily focusing on the sonification of graphs in Statistics.

I have worked as a research scientist for the Veterans Administration and been a practicing rehabilitation engineer for over twenty years now.  I also spend part of my weekends volunteer teaching elderly blind individuals to use computers with speech output as my own personal research and as a way of providing a service that is not provided by the State rehabilitation system. 

I am also a retired Paralympic Athlete having represented the USA in the 1996, 2000, and 2004 Paralympic games.

Project Interests: any and all of the dog vest ideas!



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